Jacaranda Neighborhoods

Tis the purple Jacaranda tree season in southern California. Hot days and purple trees are a thing in the “Southland” in June. Plagues may come and civilizations may break, but the purple trees know it’s June. Maybe, we should be more like the trees.

I took Rudy Doberman on his morning walk though the neighborhood. The heat and humidity slowed him down a bit, so I could look at where we were going. I knew I had to come right back with a camera.

After months at home, editing old photographs no longer holds the allure it did in March. I put a 35mm equivalent lens on my Olympus M1-II, set it at iso64 and f5.6 and went walkabout through Rudy’s neighborhood.

One of the photography groups I belong to on Facebook from Ojai, CA has a hashtag challenge #documentarystyle this month. Street photography is my preferred photography, and it has been since March that I have not been able to do it. Rudy lead me back to it.

This is what I saw. The photographs are jpgs right from the camera with no cropping or editing. My camera is always set to monochrome with a yellow soft-filter and +1contrast and +1 sharpness. The color pictures, I had to have purple, are jpgs made from the RAW files with Olympus Workspace using no adjustments, so as to duplicate the camera output as closely as possible.

If you have a dog, take them for a walk in June.




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