Fairy Light

Of course there are fairies. The elves and goblins will tell you if you ask them. The women and men who sorcer know them, but they are harder to find. You have to know how to see them, like looking out the corner of your eye into a mirror over a shabby bar. If you catch one though, you better have something to trade for the information you seek about the fairies. Information for information, the currency of spies and magic people. It’s the oldest professional art of them all.

You might find them on your own by following the song of the crickets and frogs into a dark garden in moonlight. There are those who say the beastie singing is the raucous orchestra playing for a fairy soiree on those silvery nights. But, the frogs and crickets will always grow quiet when you approach, no matter how you slink and tiptoe. You aren’t invited, after all.

Fairies and light, Bacon and eggs, cats and riddles just go together. They love glass and darkness, fairies do, because it makes their lights twinkle and sparkle just so. It pleases them. If you are fortunate to come across fairy light, it will not be something you quickly forget.

Fairy wands have a power over glass, and not just in the play of the light beams they so enjoy. They understand the énergie of the glass and particularly love to awaken figures of glass with a tap of their wand, that they may enjoy grand balls with the spirits in the glass.

Follow unusual light in the darkness when you don’t expect it, like the frog song in the moonlight, and you may stumble upon a fairy gala with the glass ladies and gents in your dark cupboard. But, do not look away, it will be gone. Such is fairy light and fairies.


Fairy light

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