Along the Boulevard

The club went walkabout on a hot afternoon in July. It was a Saturday, it was Hollywood, Hollywood Boulevard. 

It was a day for color. Same days are color, some are black & white. Whatever the mood strikes.

The camera was the trusty OMD M5 III with a 35mm lens. I had a 50mm and wasn’t afraid to use it too.

While standing in front of a CVS waiting for the crew he came along. 

He came up and excitedly asked, “are you tourists?”
I answered, “yes,” and started to say we came from up the coast, but he wanted to tell us his story.
“Do you know Carol Burnett?” he began. “She grew up along this street. And, if you go downtown she worked at … theater as an usher when she was a teenager.” (I don’t remember what theater he said.)
He went on his way and we walked down Yucca Street of Carol Burnett fame.













They say, “everybody is working dow there.” They bring the old card cons with shills and commute to work dressed to kill. Even royalty and drummers…



























There are those who live there, too…























Everything else along the street…



























And so on…









Yes there was!