Now You Tell Me

I have heard famous photographers say they are good judges of their own work. Really? I’ve never had that skill, even after the therapy and the electro shock.

Other luminaries have said they leave space around images for cropping. I wish I had known this too! I saw all the stuff in the view screen, and now you want me to chop it up cause only part of it is what the picture is about? Damn! I told you I can’t judge my own work, now I have to decide what I was taking a photo of too?

You see my dilemma. I have no clue what I should be doing with photographs or a camera, and lord knows it just isn’t all fun and games to worry, fuss, and screw around, trying to put everything all the photo critics and others think should be and not be in a photograph. I’m tired already and need to take up something that isn’t so much work. Maybe if I stop for coffee and a donut…

I went photo safari with a friend to a little California farm town to take pictures and have Mexican food for lunch. The taco birria at El Diablo’s fave hole-in-the-wall was outstanding, BTW—he can pick’em.

Well, here are the photos, or some of them at least. I have also been told my street photos are weird cause they don’t have people in them all the time. See, the therapists still have work to do. And, you are admonished to not take pics with only background in them too. Oy.

This is Oxnard, California on a cool, damp January 2024 afternoon after a storm. There are people, doorways, windows and planters in other pics. These are democratic snapshots of what it looked like to me. I’m not supposed to take snapshots either? Oh, F***! Now you tell me, I need another taco birria from Old Scratch, at least he won’t judge me.

For the photo nerds, Olympus M5 III w/50mm equivalent lens. Images simulate Kodak Gold film with a skosh of straightening on some and no cropping on all.


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