No Mind

I cannot make a photograph. I read the books, did the lessons, followed the practices. They do not speak to me. I cannot grab ahold of the world, put it into a little, just so box with everything proper, square and straight using a few rigid rules to bind it there. The real world slips away from me somehow when I try to make it be the way I demand of it.
I never really know what I will take snapshots of when I go out with a camera. Sometimes it is “aha, I see that”, click. Other times I take one thing and something else more magical pops up when I look later. Many times I just see something with a vague box around it in the view screen and click the shutter.
It may be what is called, “mushin no shin” in Zen, the mind without mind or “no-mindness”. It means not letting thoughts or emotions occupy the mind so it is open to everything.
Here are a couple snapshots from after lunch a few days ago and and a few random shots from the archives.
There was water by the hills in the recent afternoon pics. I did not consciously see the glowing pool in the image of the water, rocks, and stumps. The makers say you must not have the pure white highlights. This photo without them would be less to me, the surprise and mystery diminished, the world slipped away.