Composition Is Boring

Photographic sacrilege! Next you will say the rule of thirds is bullshit, what’s wrong with you? Not the first time people have asked…

Is the world composed? Is everything all arranged like detective Monk’s dinner table? Max Rockatansky might have something to say about it, but we won’t go there.

In the time of personal identity uber alles, does composition even matter, everybody has their own anyway. Will the new Google AI generated search even find it anymore? A billion pictures every day, and all different.

How many oversaturated blue and orange sunsets can one person really stand? But, 1/3rd is ocean, 1/3rd is shore, 1/3rd is sky…okay then.

The great portraits are all celebrities. You know they’re good, because you recognize the person. Yep.

The story about the bears. Everything is too hot, too cold, or just so. Always make everything just so or the burglars won’t like it. Good advice.

If you follow all the rules, well they taught you that in school, in church, at the library. It’s safe, sane, and suitable in mixed company. But, companies are all diverse now. What about that?

If you won the lottery, would you quit your job? What would you do to fill your time then? You can only eat so many hot fudge sundaes or you will get fat. I like cherry pie best, but a good banana creme…banana has 2 ans in it.

The world is random, how do you compose it. Maybe there are rules and Max knows them. Asking Alice didn’t work. Your remember Alice and the rabbit, or was it a restaurant. You always got what you wanted then.

Is good art, good photos, good music, good anything only what we saw when Alice showed us so long ago? If 88 people remember the same ice cream in June, and 22 ate donuts is ice cream better than cake, and photographs of Dairy Queen better than Winchell”s? Only if the colors are just so and in the right place so the memory is correct, apparently. Don’t mess with my memory! The Mcflurry machine is always out of service!

Why is there so much food in this essay? Can’t we have some sex to break it up a little? I told you about mixed company already, didn’t I?

Are photographs of Myna Loy worse than photographs of Taylor Swift? Who? I have a picture of my dog, everybody likes dogs. Unless you’re a cat person. There are too many cat pictures on the internet. You don’t have to use two spaces after a period or capitalize internet anymore.

If you don’t compose your photographs carefully, you are doing it wrong, people won’t like them. I like Brussels sprouts, but not avocados.

Be careful out there. It not composed.